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LuLu Space

LuLu is my daughter's nickname.  


Fertility Coach @ helps women to improve their fertility

using Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure and other natural remedies to optimise the reproductive system; 

using RTT Hypnotherapy to understand and remove subconscious obstacles for a positive mindset;

using mindfulness coaching practices to uplifting their spirits with higher meanings and fulfillments. 

This way your journey of getting pregnant will be a healthier, happier and more fulfilled one.  

My Vision: To live your life well (healthy, happy and meaningful) you need to take care your body, mind and spirit continuously and wisely. 

In Lulu Space, holistic wellness can be established by,   

  • Following guidelines of the timeless wisdom like Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda etc as the body is part of nature and made up of the 5 elements. 

  • Understanding there could be trapped emotions, limiting beliefs or value conflicts in your subconscious mind in order to make positive changes in your life.

  • Being on your own spiritual path.  Every one of us wants to be happy and successful.  Are you living your life to be successful by how others view success of valuing fame, money, power, sex and food....?  Is your life meaningful?  Is your heart content? Is your spirit fulfilled?   

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Disclaimer - The content of this site is for reference use only, and should not be the ultimate basis for diagnosing or treating diseases, and cannot replace a physician's diagnosis. Before taking any nutritional supplements, please consult your physician or nutritionist. If you feel unwell, please seek medical attention in time.
免責聲明- 本站內容僅供參考使用,不應成為診斷或治療疾病的最終依據,且無法代替醫師的診斷。服用任何營養補充品前,請先詢問醫師或營養師。如有身體不適,請及時就醫。

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