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Coaching & Mentoring to Increase Fertility

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Fertility coaching & Mentoring program

- 8 sessions, 1 hour per week.  

What are the expected outcomes?

1.  To find out about your body condition in term of TCM infertility perspective and the advices to increase fertility.  

2.  To uncover if any trapped emotions, limiting beliefs or conflicts in your subconscious which may be causing hormonal imbalance. 

3.  Together setting up action steps for successful conceptions with scientific proven relaxation techniques to help you destress and stay relaxed. 

4.  Unlimited Whatsapp or email messages for spiritual and emotional support. 

US$679 will be appreciated as energy exchange.          

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have difficulty paying this amount. 

Free consultation is necessary to make sure we are good match. 

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