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Date & Time: 

Hong Kong/Malaysia/Singapore (GMT+800)

Wednesday, 31 August ( 1 - 2pm) 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Holistic Assessment

Mindset Reset for Desirable Changes

Subconscious Obstacle Removed

Tailored Support Moving Forward

  • Why is the event free?
    It is an opportunity for me to introduce myself to women who are struggling to get pregnant and to show them that there is the body-mind-spirit perspective. If someone is resonated with the messages, who can get my paid service after the event.
  • What is the content of the event based on?
    The content at the event is based on the knowledges Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, the Rapid Transformational Therapy related to body-mind connection, and the tools of coaching and mentoring.
  • Will this course be worth my time?
    Yes, this will definitely be worth your time and effort. There will be valuable knowledge, insights and helpful information for you to take away.
  • What is the agenda for the event?
    Module #1: What are 7 categories of infertility in Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective and what are the correspondent advices. Module #2: How subconscious obstacles in the mind maybe related to unexplained infertility Module #3: Reset your mindset for your next steps to successful pregnancy Module #4: Any other helpful supports
  • How soon will I see changes?
    Everyone's situation is different, but most people understand their body and mind better right after the event and feel more confidence instantly. Other people may see changes a few weeks after the event when they begin making new decisions and taking further action.
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