LuLu Space

LuLu is my daughte's nickname.  

LuLu Space provides the safe and supportive space to help women who are struggling to get pregnant and beyond.   

My Vision is : To live your life well (healthy, happy and meaningful) You need to take care your body, mind and spirit continuously and wisely. 

In LuLu Space, holistic wellness can be established by,   

  • Timeless wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine & acupuncture as guidance for physical health.

  • Rapid Transformation Therapy to understand your subconscious mindset in order to make positive changes in life.

  • Enormous support from Art Of Living Foundation and from our spiritual and humanitarian teacher , Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji,  who has developed many unique, impactful, empowering and transformative programs to benefit 500 million people across 156 countries.