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在沒有積極思考的情況下經常做出更好的選擇, 這是直覺和潛意識的力量。

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

您是否注意到您過往在購物中甚至生命中作出的最佳選擇, 往往是在沒有積極思考的情況下做出的?

A better choice is made often without active thinking. Have you notice that some very good choices you made in shopping or even in life were without active thinking? That’s the power of gut feeling, intuition and unconscious mind.

古希臘諺語 潛意識在決策、解決問題和創造性思維中發揮作用, 這一事實已為某些人所知...



Ancient Greek Proverb: The fact that the unconscious mind plays a part in decision-making, problem-solving and creative thinking. This has been known for very long time.

A Pivotal Study examined whether the best choices made in consumer settings were based on active thinking or not. The startling findings were that people made better choices when not thinking at all, especially in complex consumer settings.

The things influence our decisions and steer our thinking which we don't always pay close attention to, such as feelings, emotions, moods, tiredness, hunger, stress and prior beliefs. But that doesn't mean we have no control at all – it is possible to be conscious of these factors. We can sometimes even counteract them by putting the right systems in place, or accept that they contribute to our behaviour.

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