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境隨心轉 Transform Your Environment With Your Mind.

作者布賴恩·特雷西,在 《聰明起來》一書中提到 "我們這一代人最大的革命性發現是通過改變内在的心態和思維,可以改變人們生活的外在方面。"

“The greatest revolution of my generation is the discovery that people, by changing their inner attitudes of mind, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

Excerpt From: Brian Tracy. “Get Smart!”.

我同意 布賴恩·特雷西 有關心態與環境之間的觀點,但這一發現並不像他所說的那麼新。"境隨心轉" 一直是佛教的核心教義。然而,神經學科的進步可以更好地解釋外在方面與内在心態的關係。誠意推薦《聰明起來》這本書和聖嚴大師的《以寧靜的心擁抱世界》。

I agree with B. Tracy about the relationship between our mindset and our environment, but that discovery was not as new as he mentioned. "Transform Your Environment With Your Mind" has been a core teaching in Buddhism. However, neuroscience has been doing a much better job explaining the relationship between your mind and your environment. I recommend Brain Tracy's book "Get Smart" and Master Sheng Yen’s "Embrace the World with a Serene Mind".

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