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幸福的追求者 Happiness Seeker



Paul J Zak 對行為神經科學的研究發現,催產素隨著年齡的增長而增加,這種激素在我們大腦中釋放, 並作為神經遞質, 與生活滿意度呈正相關。

研究表明, 幫助別人, 做志願工作, 捐獻之類行為, 可以改善生活質量, 這個研究结果, 符合許多信仰傳統和哲學。為他人服務可以促使大腦增加同理心和感恩, 並因為積極反饋循環而釋放更多的催產素。

Are you happiness seeker or giver? Every single one of us wants to be happier.

If you seek happiness from others, you are bound to get misery. If you are giver of happiness, you get joy and love.

Research on Behavioural Neuroscience by Paul J Zak found that oxytocin increased with age and the release of this hormone that also acts as neurotransmitter was positively associated with life satisfaction.

The finding that helping behaviours improve that quality of life is consistent with many faith traditions and philosophies. Serving others appears to prime the brain to release more oxytocin in a positive feedback loop of increased empathy and gratitude.

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