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Adler Quotes for parents to prepare our children to have a truly happy life.

將本書的部分精華譯成英文,歡迎指正Translate some essences of this book from Chinese to English, please feel free to correct me:

前言: 關心不等於乾涉

Preface: Caring does not equal interfering


3 conditions to be self-reliance

  1. 可以自己做決定 Able to make decision on your own

  2. 可以決定自己的價值 Able to determine your self worth

  3. 擺脫以自我為中心 get rid of self-centredness

Chapter 1 : 不斥責丶不稱讚的教養 Nurture with no rebuke no praise

  1. 斥責雖有即效果性, 但不能解決問題。越是責備, 孩子越會那么做。 光是害怕父母, 什么也学不到.。 Rebuke has immediate effect, but it cannot solve the problem. The more blame, the more the child will do it. They just being afraid of parents, but learn nothing.

  2. 稱讚並非良方,而是會上癮的毒藥. 別把稱讚當成誘餌, 孩子並非為父母而用功 Praise is not a good remedy, but an addictive drug. Don't use compliments as bait. They won't work hard for their parents.

  3. 縱然是父母,也無法決定孩子的人生。凡事只考慮到自己的態度並不可取。Even though as parents, you still cannot determine your children’s lives. They have their goals. If they think of themselves only all the time, it's not a good attitude.

  4. 如實看待孩子的樣貌 。他們需要的是面對生活的勇氣。他們必然会離開父母而自立。 Regard them as they really are. What they need is the courage to face the life. Inevitably, they will leave their parents and be independent.

  5. 孩子失敗時, 讓他自己責任 。他/她的人生,他/她的選擇。方向, 隨時都能改變。Let they take the responsibility when they fail. His/her life, his/her choice. Direction can be changed any time.

  6. 以平等態度對待孩子。請尊重孩子吧! 每天能平安無事地活着, 就已值得感謝。 Treat them equally. Please do respect your child. It's so grateful that just he/she is alive and well every day.

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