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與阿德勒心理治療相關的健康和成功的定義 Definition of Wellness and Success related to Adlerian Psychotherapy

世界衛生組織 (WHO) 將健康定義為“身體、精神和社會福祉,而不僅僅是沒有疾病。”相反,實現整體健康狀態需要有意識的認知和選擇,這也解釋阿德勒定義為“有目的的生活”的另一種方式.........幾乎所有健康的定義都同時考慮結果和過程,結果和過程兩者是指生活的首要目標和每天每分鐘的生活方式。 ……

The World Health Organization (WHO) defined wellness as "physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease. " Wellness does not just happen; rather, achieving a state of wellness requires conscious awareness and choice, which is another way to explain what Alfred Adler defined as "purposeful living".........Virtually all definitions consider wellness as simultaneously an outcome and a process, both an overarching goal for living and a daily minute-by- minute way of being. ......





<阿德勒諮詢和心理治療從業者方法第5版> ~~~托馬斯斯威尼~~~

Success is the progressive realisation of predetermined, worthwhile goals and a well-balanced Life. Success, therefore, is a process, not an event.

Students in school can consider themselves already successful as they progress through school; not only when they graduate.

Parents can consider themselves successful even as they see their children struggling with life's challenges; not only when the 'children' graduate from college, get a job, or whatever other event they might otherwise set as a goal.

By this definition,......Valuing is central to the process as goals are determined to 'worth-while' by the individual. Finally, there is a balance to such a life; that is physical health and mental health are maintained through loving family relationships, attention to good eating habits, hygiene, cooperative work relationships, and so forth. With this definition, anyone can be helped to see themselves as successful.

~~~Adlerian Counseling And Psychotherapy A Practitioners Approach 5th Edition

by Thomas Sweeney~~~

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