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Insomnia (失眠) in TCM terms

TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine,

Syndrome Differentiation. (中醫辨證)

Insomnia as results from heart being deprived of nourishment or from mental disturbance.

  1. Hyperactivity of Heart Fire. (心火熾盛)

  2. Live Qi Stagnation Turning into Fire. (肝郁化火)

  3. Internal Disturbance of Phlegm-heart. (痰熱內扰)

  4. Qi Stagnation and blood stasis. (氣滯血瘀)

  5. Disharmony Between the heart of kidney. (心腎不交)

  6. Hyperactivity of Fire due to Yin Deficiency. (陰虚火旺)

  7. Deficiency of Heart and Spleen. (心脾两虚)

  8. Deficiency of Heart Qi and Gallbladder Qi. (心胆氣虚)

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