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Mind 心智 means 'Heart-Brain' “心腦” literally.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

你的大腦通過你的心臟, 通過迷走神經連接到你的腸道(第二大腦)。為了做出最好的判斷,特別是生命中的重要決定,你的理智、你的內心渴望和你的直覺應該要一致。

Your brain is connected to your gut (our 2nd brain) by Vagus Nerves through your heart. In order to make the best possible judgements especially for the important decisions in life , your intellect, your hearted-desire and your gut feeling should be aligned.

Whereas Indo-European words for mind are typically associated with memory and time, the Chinese word translated into English as “mind” has a more localized emotive and bodily-spatial character. Xin (心) literally refers to the heart and is better translated “heart-mind” to the extent that it is both cognitive and emotive. In classical Chinese philosophy, the semantic field of xin indicates the relational mutuality of emotion and reflection as well as the body with its environment. Diverse Chinese philosophical sources and traditions have emphasized this mutuality, or have adopted a hierarchy among the different elements of the heart-mind, without introducing a radical separation between them. Early Confucian philosophers, for example, recognized the priority of relational or socially-shaped natural emotional dispositions in practical life and their role in the self-cultivation of an emotionally-informed and -reforming reflection that could help navigate negative emtions in oneself and others.

By Eric S. Nelson

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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