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Date & Time: 

Hong Kong/Malaysia (GMT+800)

Tuesday , 1 November ( 1 - 2pm) 

Holistic Assessment

Subconscious Blockage Removed

Desired Change

Support Forward

Want to learn 


- What are the 7 categories of infertility in Traditional       Chinese Medicine perspective?  Which one maybe     your condition?

- How TCM help to increase fertility holistically and         naturally?

- What is the limitation of TCM in treating infertility? 

...this event is for you. 

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Want to know

- What might be subconsciously holding you           back from getting pregnant successfully?

-  What are trapped emotions, limiting beliefs         and value conflicts and how they can affect         your hormones?  

...this event is for you. 

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Want to know 

- What are the extra supports and how can they

make a difference in your journey of getting pregnant? 

...this event is for you. 

Meditating at Home

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