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Date & Time: 

Hong Kong/Malaysia/Singapore (GMT+800)

Wednesday, 31 August ( 1 - 2pm) 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Assessment

Mindset Reset

Subconscious Blockage Removed

Support Forward

Want to take charge of your life?

We live in changing times. But if you want to 

  • Empower yourself

  • Control your life and 

  • Own your future

...this event is for you. 

Professional Woman

Would you like to actualize your full potential?

If you've ever had the feeling you are capable of being, doing or having more in life.  This event will help you unlock your possibilities, unlock your potential and unlock your power. 

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Do you have an area in your life you want to change? 

Whether it's health, wealth, relationships, business, happiness or any area of your life... success is an inside job.  It starts with your mindset.  If you're ready for change, then this event is for you.

Meditating at Home

Here's What You Get At This Online Course...

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Penelope HO

Teaching Coach

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Ee Shing PANG

Senior IT Executive

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Franky TANG

Store Manager

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Melody TSE

Insurance Broker

I have been working on building relationships , romance and my career path with Dolly the past few months.   Prior to coaching , I felt a bit lost and sad about my situation. It was at a time when nothing in my life seemed to be working.   I felt  unmotivated, frustrated and deflated. 


During my work with Dolly, she used various kinds of strategies such as visualization and asking questions to help bring out my inner awareness and surfaced some of my subconscious beliefs.  Ms Ngai supported me by listing concrete next steps together and held me accountable in untangling my confusion and muddled ideas. 

Although I have only done 6 sessions with her, I feel there is a change in my perspective.  I now believe that there is always something I can do to improve my relationship and make my own career goals more clear. 


I highly recommend Dolly as your coach.  She is compassionate, thoughtful and most importantly, non-judgemental.  Talking with her gives me a sense of comfort and ease that make it easy to open up.  Knowing Dolly really cares give me courage and will to  face and work on my fears. 

~~~  Penelope Ho / Teacher Coach ~~~

I'm thankful to have coaching sessions with Dolly during my difficult time. I'm having depression and after several coaching session I become more understand that my source of depression is coming from guilt, shame and also my self-criticism. Dolly taught me to let go and forgive myself for all the 'mistake' I have done. Dolly told me to trust people around me and made me realized that they actually can accept the imperfect me and I should accept the imperfect part of myself too. I recommend Dolly as a coach because she is very attentive and considerate. She gives me a lot of advise on the action that I can take to move towards my goal. Thank you Dolly and wish you to continue help more people with lots of passion.

~~~  Ee Shing / Senior IT Executive  ~~~