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1. 催眠療法:找出當前問題的根本原因,放開負面的情緒障礙。
2. 輔導跟進:通過逐步的行動計劃和個人指導,改變您的思維方式、信念系統和人生態度從而實現您的目標。

1. Hypnotherapy:   Uncover the root cause of current problem and let go of the negative emotional block.
2. Coaching follow-up:  Reach your goal by changing your mindset, belief system and attitude with step by step action plan and personal guidance.

free 30 min  Q& A prior to program


Program includes: 

1. Consultation via Zoom, Whatapp or  Wechat Video - 1 hour 

2. One RTT Hypnotherapy session - 2 hours

3. Personalized transformational audio recording of 15 to 20 minutes with background hypnotic music to be listened for 21 days. 

4. Three weekly follow up calls plus guided breathing Exercise and meditation - 3 x 30 min. 

US$279 will be appreciated as energy exchange.        

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have difficulty paying this amount. 

Free consultation is necessary to make sure we are good match. 

Note:  Happniess money back guarantee within a month from the invoice issue date. 

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