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Why I am doing what I am doing? 

  • I had my daughter when I was 44 after 6 IVFs and more, been through lots of emotional struggles .   

  • I understand how anxious you are. 

  • I have relevant knowledge as a practitioner as well as an experiencer to extend my service. 

  • I feel this could be your opportunity to gain contentment with holistic guidance. 

Apart from commerce, finance and diamonds because of my previous jobs, I dedicate most of my money, time, energy and effort of learning about holistic wellness, particularly Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, mind-body connection like Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching......   I constantly and enthusiastically enhance my learning in different and similar modalities to gain more knowledge and experience in order to help more people.  


My 3 core Values: 

  • For my own:            Balance

  • For each other:       Respect

  • For a community:   Meaningful connection

I base in Singapore.  All my services can be conducted in English and/or  Cantonese via Zoom.

Major Learnings

LuLu Space is incorporated in Hong Kong. 

For my service to others being possible,

my gratitude towards these great teachers and their teachers before them. 

  • Spiritual Practices - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in Art of Living Foundation based in India 

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine  - The University of Hong Kong

  • Acupuncture  - The TCM University of Nanjing, China

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy - Marisa Peers based in UK  & US

  • Entrepreneurship with heart - Joseph Wong in QA based in Singapore

  • Coaching - Benjamin Harvey and Cham Tang in Authentic Education Based in Australia.

The certifications of my qualifications are available for viewing upon requested.