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Mindset Coaching for  
Result Breakthrough


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Mindset Coaching Result Breakthrough Program

- 8 sessions, 1 hour per week.  

What are the expected outcomes?

Week 1 :  Clarify what you want by understanding your core values, your visions and purposes.

Week 2:  Understand your inner nature, your subconscious mind and your tendencies.  

Week 3:  Remove the main resistance such as fears, self-doubt and conflicts.

Week 4: Set tangible actions with timely specificity. 

Week 4:  Improve your mindset, attitude and habits.   

Week 5:  Eliminate distraction.

Week 6:  Set heartfelt intention.

Week 7:  Imagine result vividly and embody gratitude.

Week 8: Evaluate and celebrate result. 

US$479 will be appreciated as energy exchange.


Don't hesitate to let me know if you have difficulty paying this amount. 

Free consultation is necessary to make sure we are good match. 

Happiness money back guarantee is valid within a month from the invoice issue date.

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