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Recognition and awareness at the present moment transform understanding into the right action.

當下的認知和意識將理解轉化為正確的行動 -- 禪 / 沉思

To be awake and aware, and to survive, we must be fully present in the moment and be authentically ourselves.

There is rarely time to mentally consider or control what comes bubbling up from inside of us, so what we say or what we do is suddenly there for everybody, including us, to witness. In fact, we often see when we are not looking, or hear when we are not listening. This is how the potential for evolutionary change hidden in each moment of existence is empowered within us. As we live by following the higher principles, we become a living example. Our intuitive knowing, personal survival, and mutative self-loving behaviors influence or empower others.

Elevation: The teacher whose students transcend him. Where the expression of awareness can only be turned into action through others. The teacher.

Challenge: A tendency to prefer theory to application. The expression of the awareness as a theory with little interest in its application.

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要清醒、有覺知地活着,我們必須全神貫注於當下,做真實的自己。 我們很少有時間去思考或控制從我們內心冒出來的東西,所以我們突然就說出或做出未能思考過的事物,並讓其他人包括我們自己都聽到或看到。 事實上,我們經常在不經意的時候看到或者聽到特別有用的事物。 這就是隱藏在每個當下時刻的進化潛力, 是如何在我們內部被賦予力量。 當我們遵循崇高的原則生活時,我們就會成為活生生的榜樣。 我們的直覺認識、個人生存和蛻變的自愛行為會影響或付於他人力量。



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