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Healthy anger can creating change. The next emotions that rise inside us are joy and expansive love.

Finally, China eases “Zero Covid” restrictions. Healthy anger as the drive of non-violent actions is effective to create positive change. 最後,中國放寬了“零 Covid”限制。 健康的憤怒作為非暴力行動的驅動力,可以有效地創造正面的改變。 Before and during the time of their non-violent actions to "speak up in silence", Chinese people have been showing enormous patience. 在非暴力“默默吶喊”之前和期間,中國人民表現出了極大的耐性。

I believe the world is entering a different future in spiritual sense. We must stand firm in our dedication to do the right thing. 我堅信世界正在進入一個截然不同的未來。 我們必須堅定不移地做正確的事。

Over the few years, I have been exploring how I can make use of myself, my learning, experience and knowledge to best support this important transformation. 幾年來,我一直在探索如何利用我所學的知識和經驗來最好地支持這一重要轉變。

The spiritual side of Chinese medicine teaches that anger can be a healthy force f