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Healthy anger can creating change. The next emotions that rise inside us are joy and expansive love.

Finally, China eases “Zero Covid” restrictions. Healthy anger as the drive of non-violent actions is effective to create positive change. 最後,中國放寬了“零 Covid”限制。 健康的憤怒作為非暴力行動的驅動力,可以有效地創造正面的改變。 Before and during the time of their non-violent actions to "speak up in silence", Chinese people have been showing enormous patience. 在非暴力“默默吶喊”之前和期間,中國人民表現出了極大的耐性。

I believe the world is entering a different future in spiritual sense. We must stand firm in our dedication to do the right thing. 我堅信世界正在進入一個截然不同的未來。 我們必須堅定不移地做正確的事。

Over the few years, I have been exploring how I can make use of myself, my learning, experience and knowledge to best support this important transformation. 幾年來,我一直在探索如何利用我所學的知識和經驗來最好地支持這一重要轉變。

The spiritual side of Chinese medicine teaches that anger can be a healthy force for change. Anger is the emotion that rises inside us when we see something we know is wrong and we want to change it. 中醫在精神方面教導說,憤怒可以成為改變的健康力量。 憤怒是當我們看到我們知道的事情是錯誤的, 並且我們想要改變它時升起的情緒。

Then anger translates into drive, the feeling that motivates us to take action, to right the wrong, and bring positive change to the situation. 然後憤怒轉化為動力,這種感覺會促使我們採取行動,糾正錯誤,並為情況帶來積極的變化。

In that case, anger acts like a booster rocket, to get us going, and then it falls away once it’s done its job – when the change has been made, so anger isn’t needed anymore. 在那種情況下,憤怒就像一枚助推火箭,讓我們繼續前進,然後一旦完成它的工作,它就會消失——當改變發生時,就不再需要憤怒了。

In Chinese medicine, the sound of anger is described as “thunder” and in personal behaviour as a “shout.” This is why we feel compelled to speak up when we see something wrong, why we yell when we’re angry. 在中醫中,憤怒的聲音被描述為“雷聲”,在個人行為中被描述為“吶喊”。 這就是為什麼當我們看到不對勁時,我們會覺得有必要大聲說出來,為什麼我們生氣時會大喊大叫。

But when wrong actions continue for years, and decades, and centuries, and there is no positive change, we as a people and as a culture all have to stand up together and “shout” – And that happens in the US. 但是,當錯誤的行為持續數年、數十年、數百年,並且沒有積極的變化時,我們作為一個民族和一種文化都必須站起來並“吶喊”——這就是美國。

Healthy anger doesn’t lead to violence. Healthy anger is when we speak up, take a stand and don’t back down. 健康的憤怒不會導致暴力。 健康的憤怒是當我們大聲疾呼、表明立場並且不退縮時。

When it comes to changing a culture that’s mistreated a huge portion of its people for so long, it takes all of us joining together, using our anger as a spiritual force to create a breakthrough. 要改變一種長期以來虐待大部分人民的文化,需要我們所有人團結起來,將我們的憤怒作為一種精神力量來創造突破。

In the cycle of how energy moves, when anger is effective in creating change, the next emotions that rise inside us are joy and expansive love, and we already see that beginning to happen around us. 在能量流動的循環中,當憤怒有效地創造變化時,我們內心升起的下一個情緒是快樂和廣闊的愛,我們已經看到它開始在我們周圍發生。

The loving and inclusive culture that can emerge from these times is within our power to create! I hope you’ll hold that vision with me as you take action in the ways that feel right to you. 我們有能力去創造讓這個時代充滿愛與包容的文化! 我希望當你以適合自己的方式採取行動時,你會和我一起持有這個願景。

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