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Hormones affects Emotions and Vice Versa

If you are suffering from unexplained infertility, it's worth spending time to explore if these psychological issues may be blocking you.

Having Emotion is part of being human. There are many things can set off negative emotions, for examples your belief systems such as doubt about yourself, any value conflicts such as being a perfectionist achiever between career and motherhood, some impactful events such as sexual abuse, abortions, miscarriages trapped in the subconscious, and limiting habits. All these can trigger negative emotions such as anxiety, worry, stress, depression and fear. Chronic Stress trigger high level of cortisol and weaken the reproduction hormones including FSH, Progesterone and LH. Pregnancy places additional stress on the body. If your body must choose between self-preservation and taking on pregnancy, it will innately prioritise self-preservation.

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