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7 Infertility Syndrome Differentiation with TCM

Select all the symptoms below you can recognise of having.

If there are many you are not sure, you might not pay enough attention to this area.

Perhaps you can start noticing these things now in order to understand your physical health better.

1. Kidney Qi Asthenia 腎氣虛

a) late occurrence of menarche 月經初潮晚

b) delayed menstruation 月經推遲

c) scanty menorrhea with light or dull brownish colour 稀少淡褐色或暗褐色的月經

d) amenorrhea 閉經

e) blackish complexion 臉色發黑

f) aching in the loins and flaccidity of legs 腰酸腿軟

g) severe lumbago and lower abdominal cold 嚴重的腰痛和下腹冷

h) profuse leukorrhea with thin texture 白帶多,質地薄

i) frequent urination with clear and profuse urine 尿頻,尿清且多

j) loose stool 大便稀溏

k) scanty pubes 陰毛稀少

l) small uterus 小子宮

m) light-coloured tongue with whitish coating 舌色淺,舌苔發白

n) deep and weak pulse or deep and slow pulse 脈深而弱或脈深而慢

2. Liver and Kidney Deficiency 肝腎虧虛

a) delayed menstruation 月經推遲

b) scanty, light-coloured or brownish menorrhea 稀少、淺紅或褐色的月經

c) amenorrhea 閉經

d) emaciation 消瘦

e) feverish sensation over palms, soles and chest 手掌、腳底和胸部有發熱感

f) afternoon low feverish sensation 下午低燒感

g) dizziness 頭暈

h) tinnitus 耳鳴

i) palpitation 心悸

j) insomnia 失眠

k) aching in the loins and flaccidity of legs 腰酸腿軟

l) red tongue with scanty coating 舌紅苔少

m) taut pulse or thin and taut pulse 脈緊或細而緊

3. Qi and Blood Asthenia 氣血虛弱

a) scanty menorrhea with light colour 月經稀少色淡

b) amenorrhea 閉經

c) sallow complexion 臉色蠟黃

d) lusterless skin 無光澤的皮膚

e) aching in the loins 腰酸

f) physical weakness 身體虛弱

g) spiritual lassitude 精神萎靡

h) dizziness 頭暈

i) shortness of breath and palpitation 氣短和心悸

j) insomnia 失眠

k) aversion to cold 惡寒

l) maldevelopment of the uterus 子宮發育不良

m) light coloured tongue with white coating 舌淺苔白

n) thin and weak pulse 脈細弱

4. Liver and Heart Qi Stagnation 心肝氣郁

a) Depression 沮喪

b) Restlessness and Irritability 煩躁和易怒

c) Irregular menstruation 月經不調

d) scanty menorrhea with blackish colour 月經量少,顏色發黑

e) unsmooth menorrhea 月經不順

g) abdominal pain during menstruation 月經期間腹痛

h) distending pain and nodules in the breasts before menstruation 月經前乳房脹痛和結節

i) discomfort in the chest and hypochondira 胸部不適和疑病症,

j) dizziness and tinnitus 頭暈耳鳴

k) insomina and dreaminess 失眠多夢

l) deep-red tongue with thin and white coating 舌質深紅,苔薄白

m) taut pulse or thin pulse 緊脈或細脈

5. Qi Stagnation and Blood Stasis 氣滯血瘀

a) history of miscarriage, abortion of premature delivery or gynecological operation 有流產史、早產流產史或婦科手術史

b) delayed menstruation 月經推遲

c) scanty and unsmooth menorrhea with purplish and blackish colour or with blood clot 月經稀少,顏色紫黑色或有血塊

d) dysmenorrhea 痛經

f) Abdominal pain 腹痛

i) resisting to press 拒

ii) cold pain in the lower abdomen 小腹冷痛

iii) with feverish sensation 熱感

g) purplish and blackish tongue or with ecchymoses 紫色和黑色的舌頭或有瘀斑

h) strong physique 強壯的體格

h) taut and unsmooth pulse 脈搏緊繃不暢

6. Interior Retention fo Phlegm-Dampness 痰濕內蘊

a) history of miscarriage, abortion of premature delivery or gynecological operation 有流產史、早產流產史或婦科手術史

b) obesity 肥胖

c) bright-white complexion 亮白膚色

d) profuse and sticky leukorrhea 大量和粘稠的白帶

e) scanty and delayed menorrhea 月經稀少和延遲

f) amenorrhea 閉經

g) chest oppression and nausea 胸悶和噁心

h) lassitude and fatigue 疲倦

i) sexual frigidity 性冷淡

j) dizziness and headache 頭暈和頭痛

l) chest oppression 胸悶

m) anorexia 厭食

n) light-coloured bulgy tongue with whitish greasy coat 舌漲色淺,白色油膩層

o) slippery pulse 滑脈

7. Downward Migration of Damp-heat 濕熱下移

a) history of miscarriage, abortion of premature delivery or gynecological operation 有流產史、早產流產史或婦科手術史

b) Profuse, sticky, white or yellow colour leukorrhea with foul smell 大量、粘稠、白色或黃色的白帶,有味臭

c) lower abdominal pain 下腹痛

d) irregular menstruation 月經不調

e) bitter taste in the mouth 口中有苦味

f) red tongue with yellow and greasy coating 舌苔黃膩

g) taut and rapid pulse 緊繃而快速的脈搏

If you have questions needed to be address as your personal circumstance, please free free to connect by click below.

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