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How can hypnotherapy help?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Thanks to MRI and other neuroscience advancement, Mind-Body Connection is much more understood in term of scientific terms like HPA axis, Hypothalamus, Amygdala, cortisol and hyppocampus etc. Every emotion and every thought create an impression in you unconscious mind. They influence your behaviours in a very subtle and unnoticed way, especially the negative ones because your mind naturally clings to negativity as the instinct to learn from it and avoid it happening again. By gaining deeper understanding of your unconscious motivations and uncovering the unknown reasons behind your actions, you can let go of what was there hindering you. You were not able to let go before because your mind acted upon that as a safety mechanism. You are not only more aware of the triggers happening. Subsequently you are more control of your mind. The hypnotherapy experience decreases your impulse to behave in a certain way. You will create a new positive and helpful internal dialogues and visual images to move you on the direction of your desired future. You start to make behavioural changes in a subconscious level. That means you can stop the old limiting behaviour and to take new action that is beneficial.

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