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How our mind work

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

  1. Mind swaying to the past and future majority of the time.

  2. Mind clings to negative

  3. Your mind does exactly what it "thinks" you want it to do.

  4. Your mind only responds to two things; the picture you make in your head and the words you say to yourself.

  5. Photographs in the mind give illusion that things are permanent, big and impossible because the past is in the present again and again. The photographic mind rob the clarity like double exposures or even multiple exposures.

  6. Your mind loves what is familiar and hates what is unfamiliar.

  7. Craving / Like and Dislike are the fleeting impression in the mind.

  8. 4 roles we play – Achiever, Carer, Rebel, Sick

  9. 3 Beliefs – That’s not available, I am not enough, I am different.

  10. When there is conflicting beliefs in mind, the person often feel confused.

  11. Your mind links things together called association. That’s why certain triggers associate with certain behaviours. People are different and our subjective bias/subconscious filters are different, some trigger yield different behaviours and different triggers may bring about same kind of behaviours. By breaking the pattern or association is one of many ways of dealing with addictions.

  12. Mind has a peculiar nature which is not interest at what is achieved, but is frustrated at what is not achieved. Perhaps that’s the force behind human

  13. The mind feeds or exists on illusion.

  14. The mind wants something that is not around. It’s not anybody's fault. It’s its nature. It is used to living on craving.

  15. Your world is your memory. Everything is the making of your own mind (mental makeup). Things go in the direction of your mental makeup, kind of like Law of Attraction. Be careful of what you wish for.

  16. Brain is very simple. It’s like a computer. If your brain understand the rules/codings, it’s just follow the program, but it’s needs to understand the codes).

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