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Infertility as of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Taoism philosophy.

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Some general principles and guidelines of TCM are including,

1. Both situations of deficiency and hindrance are presented in one illness. 虚實挾雜

2. To treat the symptoms when it’s acute and to treat the root cause when it’s chronic 急則治其標 , 緩則治其本.

3. The same treatment may use on different disease. 異病同治

4. The same disease may use different treatments. 同病異治

Let's be Taoism philosophical for moment. In order to conceive, the man is encouraged to firstly clear his heart and control his sexual desire to nourish Essence, OTC TCM supplement called 知栢地黄丸 is suggested. While woman is encouraged to calm her Mind and settle Qi to nourish Blood.

My overall sharing is focused on female infertility.

The kidney governs reproduction, stores essence and functions as the prenatal base of life. Only when kidney Qi is abundant, Essence and blood are sufficient, the Thoroughfare Vessel / Chong Meridian and Conception Vessel / Ren Meridian are full as well as menstruation is regular can sexual intercourse result in pregnancy. Any factors that affect any links in this procedure may result in delayed conception, so Infertility is closely related to the kidney.

To differentiate whether infertility 辧别不孕 is the case of deficiency 虚證 or hindrance 實證, one should consider the age of menarche 初潮年龄, the development of secondary sex characteristics 第二性征發育, the current menstruation condition 月經情况and the general body constitution and tendencies 體質及傾向.

Infertility Of Deficiency nature is marked by late occurrence of menarche, delayed menstruation cycle, scanty menorrhea with light colour and thin texture and scanty leukorrhea etc.

Infertility With Hindrance nature is marked by scanty menorrhea with dull colour and blood clots, distending pain in lower abdomen averse of being pressed etc,

The apparent cause lies in the kidney, but the liver, spleen, Qi and blood must be taken into consideration.

I will share all seven syndrome differentiation and treatment in term of TCM diagnosis in the blog posts to follow.

These clinical tests should be performed while you are dealing with infertility. To supplement with TCM and acupuncture is highly recommended to improve fertility.

  • Basal Body Temperature (BBT) for ovulation.

  • Pap smear for abnormality.

  • Examining cervical mucus to monitor ovulation.

  • Diagnostic Curettage and examining endometrium to understand the condition of cervix, uterus, and Luteinizing Hormone LH in relation with ovulation.

  • Hormone level test to analyse hypothalamic-pitutary-ovarian axis.

  • Ultrasound examining development of ovum and condition of uterus and ovaries.

  • Hysterosalpingography HSG to detect blocked fallopian tubes and abnormal uterus cavity.

  • Abdominoscopy and uterioscopy to observe pelvis and uterus.

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