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Regression during RTT hypnotherapy session

The reason you are regressed to the past events particularly to your childhood years because the roots of emotional suffering is usually formed there and then. Any childhood experience that was strongly emotional might leave an impression in your unconscious mind. That maybe now influencing your current behaviours. It’s just how your brain works more specifically it’s the limbic system of your brain. It is hardwired to protect yourself from getting hurt again physically as well as emotionally especially for children. They are more pure and vulnerable.

The impression or unconscious memory created the protective shell against emotional harm, like the feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness or unlovable, can be very tough and thick to break. It can stay with you for many years because small similar events have made the shell even tougher with time. The protective shell that was first created to protect you has now become the block hindering you. That maybe the reason you are stuck in your personal or professional life. By regressing you to the past events that have been stored in your subconscious level, you can uncover the connections of how and why certain behaviour got developed. E.g. the phobia or OCD.

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