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自我催眠 Self Hypnosis

Updated: Feb 15, 2022


無論您是需要改掉習慣、減少焦慮, 還是積極準備發揮最佳表現。

透過催眠療法深入了解問題的根本原因, 從而提高自我覺知, 能起到關鍵性的幫助。

並從中在潛意識的層面消除負面情緒及注入積極思維, 行為自然而然地改变。

Everyone can benefit from self-hypnosis.

Whether you need to break a habit, reduce anxiety, or actively prepare to perform at your best.

Gaining insight into the root cause of a problem through hypnotherapy, thereby increasing self-awareness, can be critically helpful.

And from the subconscious level to eliminate negative emotions and inject positive thinking, behaviour changes naturally.


  1. 選擇合適的丶讓您感到舒適和放鬆不受干擾的地方。

  2. 做好心理準備,盡可能多留出時間,不要著急或有壓力。 15 -20 分鐘是好的開始。

  3. 使用橫膈膜呼吸技巧讓你的頭腦清醒。

  4. 通過掃描身體的不同部位來放鬆你的身體,尤其是那些容易留住緊張或壓力的部位, 想像緊張和壓力隨呼氣時離開身體。

  5. 花 5 到 10 分鐘念誦 Om。

  6. 從 10 數到 1,每數一個數字時, 漂移到內心更深處,數每個數字之間留出 5 秒的空間。

  7. 使用可視化,借助想像力和各種感官, 以及在催眠前準備好的肯定句語, 專注於特定目標。

  8. 當你覺得時間到了時,慢慢地從 10 數到 1 , 讓自己從催眠漸漸回到完全清醒的意識中。

Key points for Self Hypnosis:

  1. Choose the right atmosphere without disturbance so that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

  2. Prepare yourself mentally and allow as much time as you feel you may need without rush or stressed. 15 -20 minutes is good to begin with.

  3. Use Diaphragmatic Breathing Techniques to clear your mind

  4. Relax your body by scanning different parts of the body especially the parts holding tension or stress and imagine tightness, tension and stress are leaving the body.

  5. Spend 5 to 10 minutes chant Om.

  6. Count from 10 to 1 to drift deeper with every number and allow 5 seconds between each number.

  7. Use visualisation, with the help of imagination and 5 senses as well as affirmation prepared before hypnosis to focus on a specific goal.

  8. Bring yourself out of hypnosis and back fo full waking consciousness by counting 10 to 1 when you feel it's time.

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